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Whatareyoureallyafraidof Ridiculous who is running the US

Whatareyoureallyafraidof Ridiculous who is running the US


whatareyoureallyafraidof: “ Ridiculous! ”

Dumb Trump Meme Real Quote?

whatareyoureallyafraidof: “ You know what? I do see the difference! The guy on the left is awarding Ellen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

whatareyoureallyafraidof: “ Ridiculous! ” | who is running the US? | Politics, Presidents, Narcissistic sociopath


whatareyoureallyafraidof: “ Another reason why Faux News is an entertainment outlet, not a news outlet.

Because, he is noticing that there are different rules for people. That's the problem

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53 Years? No one should serve in Congress for that long! TWO TERMS AND THEN OUT! Just like the President! One time elected and one time re-elected, IF THAT!

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nothing left to say except...libtards all the way...to quote Ron White..."you can't fix stupid!"

Another ass-kissing hypocrite. Political Quotes, Republican Party, Dumb And Dumber,

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The party most responsible for blowing up our national debt? Republicans, starting with Ronnie Reagan, moving on to Bush Jr., and now His Royal Pain in the ...

I try not to pin about Trump Voters, choosing to focus on the man himself and his buddies. And I am not crazy about this meme using the word "dumb" - I ...

& Hillary Clinton won the Most Admired Woman of 2017, too! WORST POTUS

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country is about to fall off fiscal cliff plans a 3 week 4 - Scumbag Obama.he doesn't care about the American people.he wants to destroy us

and sadly 68% of the white folks did vote for Moore where as 95%

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The fact that this has been so thoroughly accepted by the left without a shred of proof proves how pervasive the left media brainwashing is.

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Image result for liberalism is a mental disorder meme

Common sense, Donald “IMBECILE” Trump

Golfing idiot. It's a wonder he even knows how to do that! Dumb And

Draining the Drainers

Now all of Europe is laughing at US. You know

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He will finish off his term with more corruption and are pushing quickly to get through

UnAmerican tRump Republikkkan Traitors!!! Politicians, Stupid Republicans, We The People,

You have to be stupid or evil to support Trump Humour, Franklin Graham, Double

Liberalism is a mental disease #MentalDisorders

We are not Trump's people he is supposed to be a servant to the American people

tRUMP ANTI-CHRIST and downfall of the religious who support him! Anti Christ,

Rot in hell loser

DraftDodging Donnie sent four U.S. men to their deaths as he

This is the attitude of the people running the country. "If it's a problem, God will stop it. " Just like with slavery.

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And it was okay with the dumb ass sheep. Get out of my country with your anti-Trump, biased, hypocritical selves. You look stupid!

Sums it up

The non tax paying Drumpf Klan living large on the American taxpayers dime! Where is the outrage?

Rules for them; rules for us… – Liberal Logic 101 Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal

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Greedy, corrupt, lying traitorous bitch Liberal Humor, Funny Politics, Liberal Hypocrisy,

It's a Vaginal gentleman, please let us ladies have a say.

Liberal trash trying to control the poor, minority, middle class, and conservative that

25 Brutally Hilarious Memes Proving Trump Is A Moron - The Political Punchline

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SORCHA: "Russia Plans Largest Pirate Heist In History Of World Targeting Hollywood Elites And American Tech Giants"

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You remind us every single day with your dysfunctional behaviors. Trump Is My President,

laughing everyday in South Georgia,USA

If the US is so bad, shouldn't we be telling immigrants not to

You can tell em, but their too stupid to ever believe it. Oh and I don't owe ANYONE walking this Earth, shit! (Except my children)

Jackson Lee on

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"This Is RIDICULOUS" New Immigration Plans TRIGGERS Liberals | Tucker Carlson Just Laughs - YouTube

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We are thankful for him actually getting the job done! #smallbuisnessowners #maga Trump

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Oh, you mean when the American PEOPLE started funding his vacations, golf weekends, and his wife's (ridiculous) fashion tastes as well as paying ...

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Funniest Political Memes of the Week: I Waited For 8 Years

I wouldn't usually generalize a whole party like this, but he is their

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Never forget that he said this just last year. It just amazes me just how ignorant some people are! The fact that he believes this nonsense and is running ...

True power to the people!

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American children have dreams to. Fight for ur own country. This is America of the United States. NOT America of the World.

This crazy bitch is what Democrats call a "leader"

Omg yeah and I'm just there like umm.

10 best quotes images on Pinterest in 2018 | Clouds, Facebook friends quotes and Facts

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Anyone still with Trump : Be ashamed & stop posing as an American !

He ran his re-election in 2016 on promising to repeal Obamacare. The worst

Bring the vote to the floor Boehner! If you don't have enough votes

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American Classics

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If he and his Racist Supporters want a wall built, Let Them Pay For It

Liberal shit for brains. This show is nothing more than an attempt to justify turning this country into a dump. Like most democratic run cities.

Instagram post by Alternative News Media • Jun 2, 2017 at 5:43pm UTC

I think he knows something...and is going to run for prez 2020 because Asshat won't be able to due to either impeachment, indictment, or forced resignation.

GOD Bless Our 45th President Donald J Trump and The United States of America. Long

Soros and Hillary two evil snakes, not dogs.

Another LIE FROM Trump!! Wake Up America - Dump Don the Con SLEAZE BALL

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These two fags are the face of the deep state......libtards

Lord Voldemort King Trump Funny or Not - PotDay – 38 Pics

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